Ensuring Data is Being Used Effectively to Make the Best Decisions Today

Using organisational data as the centre point of knowledge

Whatever format or however messy it may be

Enhancing data with external sources to build new layers on insight

Bringing that data together to equip decision making at all levels

Who am I?

I am Aaron McAleese, five years operating as Deep White. I am a data strategist - the person who knows enough about data to give it a pulse and enough about organisational strategy to bring it to life. Left brain, right brain, whatever. I love working with organisations to be smart in how they utilise data - and very good at it.

What I do?

coding, modelling, analysing, visuals, dashboards, insights, strategising, tactics, presenting, persuading, execution

What I value?

Simplicity over complexity

Commitment to the journey

Sharing what I know as has been shared with me

Unashamed social consciousness and sustainability

The glorious power of smart data use

What people say ...

"Aaron joined us at a critical time, when we were in desperate need of that unlikely combination of customer and direct marketing strategy AND deep analytics experience. Aaron delivered in spades: his thinking, expertise and commitment was critical to the delivery of a transformational and business critical project. Aaron constructively challenged the status quo and ideas, but ultimately dedicated himself entirely to the cause; he was very much one of the team, and an incredibly valued team member."

​Bernard Wilson - General Manager Loyalty, Data & Media - Myer

From the Archive ...

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