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A problem for many is that data is in so many places and formats - and even when brought together it can simply become a forest of numbers. Here we put the magnifying glass on Wodonga and the surrounding area and see the power of working this data together.  It not only provides insight and trends but can drives practical actions out of an enriched understanding of community dynamics.

The report below is a first step in this process. It brings a host of data together, including census data (recent and historic), population projections, crime, social services, socio-economic indices, unemployment and health, just to name a few. All the data can be split to small geographic areas so  we not only have insight on Wodonga but also of small neighbourhoods within (and the areas around). This means relevant engagement and support can be designed for different parts of the community.

The document served as a conversation starter so different parties within the project can digest and engage with the services they can now see with be relevant.  It means they are not only working hard - but working smart and efficiently.

This case barely scratches the surface of what can be done and such reports can be tailored for different communities, organisations and missions.

Information Action Ratio

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