The joy of OPEN DATA

At Deep White we love open data. And we love sharing that love.

Open data is a fast expanding universe. It is also impossible to keep track of it, even in just Australia. With this data you can gain insight and develop tools for near limitess purposes.


At Deep White our main interest in open data is in understanding people and communities.  Below is a quite comprehensive list of our favorite data sources (and why). Each bit adds its own unique layer in understanding your organisation, your community and society in general.  See our blog of DIY Open Data Analytics to help use this data better.

For your ease sources are broken down into different topics below. Many contain references to the 2016 ABS Census - this in effect is as base layer. Census data is best accessed by downloadable data packs or shaping it yourself in TableBuilder (or better, TableBuilderPro, which has data at meshblock level and increased ability to combine variables, e.g. to find the count of Australian-born females aged in their twenties living in Geelong and working in construction). On top of this census data you can build additional insight layers from the other sources (and project forward to 2018 and beyond).

Live in Victoria and can't find what you are looking for? - suggest a data here. And get in touch  with us too, we are happy to support good applications.

So here we go ...

Population and Socioeconomic Sources

Population Projections


Business / Industry




Community Social Issues

Elections/Government Data


Infrastructure, Land & Planning



Population and Socioeconomic Sources

ABS Census

The most comprehensive source of socioeconomic data - last run in 2016 (run every five years)

  • Social data on age, gender, birthplace, ancestry, marital status, religion, language, birthplace, indigenous status, citizenship, birth counts, internal migration, family type, income, mortgage, rent paid

Census Longitudinal Data

ABS - Population 2017 (by LGA, age, gender)

Annual Data by LGA - Population, Income, Education, Health, etc. (2011 to 2018)


SEIFA Data (Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas)

This is very powerful data for scoring and ranking the socio-economic status of small geographic areas (SA1s).

Four different indices are provided.

This data can also be accessed in the ABS TableBuilder.

Gender Equality Measures - ABS

Births - ABS provides data on births per year down to SA2 level

Life Expectancy - ABS at SA4 level

Deaths - ABS provides data on deaths per year down to SA2 level

Also causes of death by state

The aptly named GRIM books show deaths by year by age by gender by cause

HILDA - The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey

A household-based panel study that collects valuable information about economic and personal well-being, labour market dynamics and family life


Household Wealth - ABS Wealth and Income Distributions

VCOSS Poverty Maps - Victoria Council of Social Service


Personal Income - ABS Personal Income data by sources down to SA2 level

Settlement – Immigration - Summary of the settlement of immigrants across Australia

Includes age, country of origin and reason for migration (low to LGA level)

Real Concerns Index  - Happiness by Real Insurance

Social Cohesion

Population Projections

Population projections are never as reliable as they would seem (especially at small geographical levels). Projections often need to be tailored to the situation. These sources help, but also look at local (LGA) and supplement with building approvals, housing development and other sources.

ABS (by state - updated November 2018) - 2017 to 2066

ABS (to SA2) - 2016 to 2017 2017 to 2018

Victoria (2016-2051 by LGA) - VIF

NSW (2016-2036 by LGA) - Planning

Queensland (2016-2036 by SA2) - QGSO

South Australia (2011-2031 by SLA) - SA Planning


ABS Census

  • Employment status, ccupation, industry, hours worked, income

  • Domestic work, child care

  • Volunteering

Employment Projections - LMIP

ABS Portal

Small Area Labour Markets - Quarterly unemployment and labour force size by SA2 (a very useful and timely economic barometer)

Income and Jobs - by SA2 by Year ABS

Employment Projections - Employees by Industry by region to 2022

ABS Labour Force Statistics - Labour force status by Labour market region - Job Vacancies Details

Jobs in Australia - Jobs and Income by Labour market region and SA3

Youth Unemployment - Brotherhood of St Laurence monitor

Impact of AI by LGA - McKinsey report

ATO Tax Data - Data on individual, company and charity tax lodgements by postcode

ABS Tax Revenue

ABC 2017/18

Insolvencies - Personal Insolvencies by SA3 by quarter

Business / Industry

ABN Register - Massive database over 10 million businesses in Australia - but postcode data makes it useful locally

ABS Business Counts - Annual counts of businesses by industry by SA2 (including survival analysis, turnover and emplotee sizes)

Intellectual Property - Registered patents with Postcode information

Regional Innovation - Innovation indicators data by region (SA3 level)

Shopping Centre Locations - Locations of all shopping centres in Australia (pull list by searching by state)

Hotels - Small Area - Hotel counts and occupancies by quarter by SA2

Agricultural Commodities - Farm management and demographics by SA4

Agricultural Commodities by Region - Value of Agricultural Commodities Produced

GDP by LGA - SGS Gap Report

Economic Indicators - LGA - .id / National Economics (NIEIR) 


Clean Energy Regulator - Postcode data for small-scale installations

Insurance v Climate Risk - ABC

Environmental Insights Explorer - Google tool with section on Melbourne City


ABS Census

  • Current education status, type/field of education

  • Type of Schooling (Primary v Secondary, Govt v Catholic v Non-Govt)

  • Highest qualifcations (school, acedemic)

ABS Education Portal

Education and Work


My School - School Profiles

Databases - Details of all schools

South Australia School Enrolments - Dept of Education (SA)

Post School Destinations - Dept of Education and Training (VIC)

School Locations - Locations of All Schools (Department of Education and Training)

School Locations - SA

SES (Socio-economic Status) Scores - All Schools (Department of Education and Training)

Tertiary Education

Student Counts - By Institution  (Department of Education and Training)

University Rankings

Digital Inclusion Index - Australia and Regions

And 2019



AIHW : A to Z  Data Collections

My Healthy Communities

Australia Health Tracker - great tool by Australia Health Policy Collaboration

DHHS - Victoria

Health Stats - NSW (lots of LGA level data)

Primary Health Networks (PHNs) - Data by PHN + AIHW

Australian Health Tracker - Australian Health Policy Collaboration

Centre for Victorian Data Linkage

ABS Census

  • Data on those with a disabilites - and carers fo them

Social Health Atlases of Australia - very useful and comprehensive data from PHIDU

Health Surveys:

Australia Health Survey - 2017-18  2018 

Victoria Health Survey 2015 - including LGA data > 2016

Medicare Claims - very useful for types of claim annually by SA3

Preventable Hospitalisations - very useful summary of health and hospital trends at SA3 level

Causes of death by state - filter to specific causes of death

The aptly named GRIM books show deaths by year by age by gender by cause

Mental Health:

Suicides - ABS

Mental Health Activity Data Collection - Queensland at SA2 level

Medicare Claims - very useful for mental health claims and trends by SA3




Locations - All Victoria Hospital Locations

Locations - All Queensland Hospital Locations

Patient Experience - ABS

Victoria Healthcare Experience

National Health Services Directory

Heart Foundation Victoria - Heart disease by LGA

Cancer Council Victoria - Cancer Rates by PHN

Cancer Screening AIHW - including by small area

Alcohol and Drugs

Victoria - Data at LGA level

National Drug Survey

Australia Overdose Report

Alcohol and Drugs AIHW

Liquor Licenses by Location - Vic

Sports and Rec Locations - Vic

Sports and Rec Locations - Qld

Life Expectancy ABS 2016-18

Domain Healthy Suburbs Index - Interesting small area index for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

Institute of Health Metrics - Australia / Visualisations

Health Intervention League Tables

Community Social Issues

Australia Charity Registry - details of all 50k+ charities in Austrlia (easily filtered by size, services and postcode)

> Interactive

Community Services - SA (


DSS Payments

This is extremely useful data - details on all benefit types, updated quarterly and down to SA2

This makes it a powerful timely social barometer and very local levels

Crime Data:


Victoria - detailed crime type by Postcode - again a powerful timely social barometer (download excel and use table 7)

NSW - crime type by LGA

South Australia


Corrections (Victoria)

Sexual assault - ABC

Aged Care Data Portal - Dept of Health

Veterans - Department of Veterens Affairs

Indigenous Health and Welfare - AIHW

Gambling/Liquor (Victoria)

Gaming by Venue (Victoria)


Foodbank Hunger Report 2019


ABS Homeless Census - can also be accessed on AIHW

Ask Izzy Portal - fantastic new portal from Infoxchange looking at requests for services to their app with granular geographical data

Council for Homeless Persons Victoria - homelessness by state electorate

Cultural Events Attended (ABS)

Arts - Victoria Audience Atlas

Elections/Government Data

Federal Election 2016 results - election results by polling booth location and polling booth locations

see blog

Commonwealth Electoral Division Profiles - 2019

Federal Election 2019 results - election results by polling booth location and polling booth locations

Know your council - Victoria


ABS Census

  • Method of travel to work, vehicles owned, work/home locations

Motor Vehicles : MV Census

Victoria Transport Data bases:


Pedestian Sensors - City of Melbourne

Vic Roads

Road Crash Database

NSW Transport Data bases:

Transport NSW

Infrastructure, Land & Planning

ABS Census

  • Renting and Mortgage payments

Rental Affordability Index - by SBS to postcode level

Affordable Lettings by LGA - DHHS (Vic)

Rent by suburb - DHHS (Vic)

Rent by LGA - DHHS (Vic)

Property Prices

ABS Stat

Victoria - Property Values by Suburb (DELWP)

Auction Results -

Core Logic - SA3 Rankings > Other Core Logic Reports (many with good localised data) Mapping

Building Approvals

Quarterly by SA2 - very useful for population projections and gauging economic activity

SA1 Map - by iD

Urban Living Index - Sydney

Past, Present and Future Building Activity in Victoria (very useful for population projections)

Housing Development Data (Victoria) - housing builds from 2005 to 2016

Urban Development Program (Victoria) - upcoming (and recent) developments

Dwelling Stock (Victoria) 

First Home Owners (Victoria) - by postcode

Victoria Growth Areas - Victoria Planning Authority

Building Permits

Future Urban Land Use


Water Use (ABS by SA4)

Agricultural Commodities (ABS by SA4)

Melbourne 3D - Zip, ARCGIS


ABS Census

  • House type, owne/rented, resident count, internet connectivity

Open Addresses - great source of address data from around the world (including Australia)

G-NAF - all address in Australia





Victoria > City of Melbourne > Regional Development Victoria > My Victoria

New South Wales > City of Sydney

Queensland > Brisbane

South Australia

Western Australia



Regional Development Australia






Research Data Australia

National Library of Australia


Humanitarian Data Exchange


ABS - Data by Region - a great summary of regional (SA or LGA) data from many ABS Sources


Defra digital - Making it easier to access and use earth observation data

Victoria Unearthed

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