2016 ABS Census - Religion Insight Dashboard

The first 2016 Census results have been released!

This initial data is limited in its granularity but it still allows great insight into the religious make up of Australia (including denominations).

This includes comparisons across religions/denominations, changing age profiles, geographical make-ups, trends over the last 10 years and even tracking generations over time.   This interactive dashboard allows you to explore these things.  Analysis can be seen in our report here.

The next release in a few weeks will give access to more granular data allowing a more precise understanding of these results and the many socioeconomic variables which may be influencing these.  This will help drive insight behind the trends and in turn help develop strategies to respond to these insights.

In the meantime - make the most of the data currently available and get in touch if you have any questions.

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Please load on desktop to see dashboard.

Mobile version coming soon!