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The purpose of this dashboard tool is to enable users (anyone!) to explore stats from the 2021 census about their occupation (or any occupation). This looks at elements such as income, pay equality, age, gender, ethnicity and the prevalence of those diagnosed with a mental health condition.

It also allows easy comparison with similar jobs and the ability to rank jobs by various metrics.

Census data is very useful given the volume of data and the broad breadth of variables which can be used in analysis (this work only touches the surface). There are some limitations with variable definitions not necessarily perfect (e.g., income is income from all sources, not just the job, while hours of work only refers to the previous week). But these can be worked around given the large data volumes.

A few interesting observations:

-Magistrates have the highest average income (all of ANZSCO level 6 occupations)
-Weightloss Consultants and Footballers have the highest rates of pay inequality for males over females
-Drillers work the longest hours
-Crossing Supervisors have the highest average age
-Paving Plant Operators are the most-male job (100%), Midwives the most female (98.7%)
-Sex Workers are the profession having the highest rate of mental health conditions

Mobile version here - use with Power BI app. 


Any feedback or thoughts then please get in touch!

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