As would be expected, St Saviours is interested in religion data.  The best source of this information at the granular level is the census although the church itself runs it owns census (the National Church Life Survey) which is a great source of this information.

Religion is aligned very much to the ancestral mix.  Given the mix within the St Saviours catchment, there is also a varied mix in religion profile.  Overall (in 2011) the area around St Saviours had a much lower rate of those identifying themselves as Christian compared to the rest of the country.  This is substituted by high levels of Judaism and those claiming to have no religion.  The former is particularly around Caulfield although there is much variation in the mix between suburbs.

On the third chart it can be seen the area has been subjected to a decline in those identifying themselves as Christian, although this rate of decline is more or less in line with the rest of the country.


2011 Religion Mix Rates

The map below shows this information visually and the pockets of high and low Christian identification can clearly been seen.

Mapping Christian Identification Percentage