Below can be seen a summary of education data within the community.  The area immediately around the church has slightly lower levels of those in early education than other areas.  The data can also be seen at suburb level although it should be noted this data is quite unreliable at more granular levels.


Educational attainment is very strong in the community surrounding St Saviours however with very high levels of Numeracy and Literacy standards being met by pupils.


There is a host of health related data that can be used to understand the community.  One of the more useful sources is the Preventable Hospitalisation rate.  This not only flags socio-economic hardship but also infrastructure issues as well.  Unfortunately the information is not freely available at a granular level, but it is more than sufficient to assess the area around the St Saviours.  The results of this show the rates are much better than the rest of the country and even within Melbourne.  More recent data will be available soon.