Church Details


     St Saviours Church, Windsor


     Cnr Williams St & High St, Windsor, Melbourne


     Rev Adam Smallbone

Church Congregation

The church has a membership of 371 people (only including  those who live within 2km from the church building).  126 members live within 1km of the church.  That equates to 5.9 members per 1,000 population, in other words, 0.59% of the population within a 1km radius of the church are members of the church.  This penetration rate is lower for those living further out.

Using the addresses of the church members geocoding can be done and church members can subsequently mapped. This can be see below - the bigger the bubble the higher the count of household members belonging to the church.  Hubs of members can easily visualised.  There is a small hub just to the South East of the church although a large part of the congregation reside further North around South Yarra.

The location of the church is also plotted, along with the Opportunity Shop they run.

This and other maps are interactive with the ability to drill in and drill out as you would with the likes of google maps.  All elements on the maps (circles/locations) are imbedded with further information which can be accessed by hovering over the point.  Please try below.

With the exception of this map, where actual addresses are mapped, most reference points are SA1 zones (Statistical Area Level 1).  These provide a very granular view of groups within the community with each SA1 usually around 300 to 500 residents.

Mapping Church Membership

Church Area

St Saviours is interested in three location radius zones:

Walking Distance - a 1km radius from the church location.

Membership Catchment - a 2km radius from the church location, where most of their members reside.

Missional Focus Zone - the church has identified 13 surrounding local suburbs as areas of interest.

All analysis profiles will also be compared with Greater Melbourne, Victoria and Australia as a whole.

The Missional Focus Zone is displayed below to provide a reference for each suburb.  These are indexed on the table to the right.  As we will see, each suburb has its own unique characteristics which St Saviours must consider as it looks to be relevant to the community. 

Mapping the Church Neighbourhood

Below we can see how the population is spread across the area - taking particular note of areas of high and low population density (the size of the bubble represents the size of the population).

Mapping the Neighbourhood Population