The following is a sample profile report of the hypothetical St Saviours church and its hypothetical members*.

It demonstrates the value of informed data and analysis with regards to the church strategy and tactics.  The analysis studies both the church membership and the community as St Saviours looks to advance with its mission of engaging with and supporting the local community.

From this information St Saviours can:

-get a better understanding of its presence in the community

-assess the need in the community and services it can subsequently provide

-optimise the context and voice in which to apply these serivces and initiatives  

Data is sourced ..


-From St Saviours own database (it only keeps member address and an approximation of each members age) - geocoding this data significantly enriches it however.


-Data is from a variety of sources with a focus on up to date information.

-Census data can be useful and provides a foundation for the work on very precise locations.  As it is only conducted every five years and is perhaps becoming increasingly unreliable other data sources are required.

-The bulk of the report comes from these other data sources which are updated regularly thus making the information right on the pulse with the community.

This is a typical report we produce for NGOs, churches and businesses - each is tailored to individual needs, is cloud based and password protected.

*all external data is up to date and correct - August 2016.

Report Sections

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These were the central areas of interest for St Saviours