2016 ABS Census - New Zealand Born Aussies

Love it or loathe it - the influx of kiwis into Australia is tapering off. Census 2016 has revealed 518k NZ Born residents in Australia in 2016 - up just 35k from five years prior (the previous five years saw a 94k increase).  And each year in these last five years have seen reducing numbers of kiwis 'flying in'.

Queensland remains the hub of kiwis - hosting 38% of the NZ born currently living in Australia (201k).  The Brisbane and Gold Coast LGAs have almost 85k between them (8% of all Gold Coast residents are NZ Born). However, the share of NZ arrivals going to Queensland each year is diminishing with Victoria on the rise (Victoria is now well ahead of NSW and closing in on the Sunshine State). Arrivals tend be aged in their 20s earning more than the average Australian resident.

See BELOW for a full interactive results dashboard and analysis - including the ability to drill down to very precise geographic areas to see how many kiwis are in your neighbourhood.

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