"cost and complexity should never be barriers to allowing data insight to help shape an organisations destiny"


Aaron McAleese

I set up Deep White to help charities, not-for-profits and small business fully embrace the benefits of data driven insight in their tactics and strategies.  There is a frustration that so many organisations were unable to effectively use even their own data to help achieve their goals.  People talked a lot about data and what they would like to do with data.  But very few were doing it let alone able to do it.

So Deep White emerged - a network including myself and various associates and experts who share the same vision who I work with on various projects.

I'm all for organisations making the most of available data resources to achieve their goals more effectively - and I believe we can help!

A bit more about me.  I am very experienced in (and passionate about!) helping organisations assess the data they can use (internal, external, being creative) and cutting and dicing it to allow the best decisions to be made.  This includes making the data accessible, applying statistical techniques, simplifying it and communicating it in ways anyone can understand.

Most importantly, I work with you to find the key insights and give the key recommendations that will make the key differences to your organisation. This involves taking a holistic view of how the organisation operates and the impact in both the short and long terms.

My skills cover the lifecycle from project planning to interrogating raw data to analysis to presenting clear actionable recommendations.  I have strong technical skills including database development, statistical modelling, segmentations and building dashboards.  I communicate results in engaging and persuasive ways (visualisations, presentations) driving strategic and tactical business decisions.

I have worked with some of the leading global organisations in analytics including dunnhumby, Tesco, John Lewis, Spark NZ, Sony Mobile, Acxiom and World Vision UK.

I hope we can now help you .


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Aaron McAleese


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